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Looking for an innovative way to combat substance misuse? 

We offer free prevention-focused videos and curriculum. Our program is used by schools, homeschool groups, and community organizations in 37 states across the country.

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The Signature Safe and Sober Program
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Our program. Your way.

With a choice of downloaded or mailed materials, participation is easy for any school. Our modular content gives you options; present the program all at once in a large group/assembly, or as segments in an integrated classroom unit. Each video topic has corresponding discussion guides and activities that align with national curriculum standards. 

Program Resource Listing

The free Safe and Sober program features:

  • Videos, activities, and discussion guides
  • Downloadable or mailed program kits
  • Signage, stickers, and promotional materials
  • Student pledge cards (virtual or printable) 
  • Modular, evidence-based educational content
  • Supplemental videos throughout the year
  • Prize incentives for top-performing schools

Take the Pledge 

Upon completion of the Safe and Sober program, students are encouraged to sign the Safe and Sober Pledge. It's a tool to hold students accountable for the decisions they make as they work toward their futures.  

Students have the opportunity to check all that apply:  

I will not drink until I am at least 21 years old 

I will not drink throughout middle/junior or high school 

I will never drink and drive 

I will not use drugs or misuse prescription pills 

I will not ride with someone who has been drinking or using drugs 

I will not use any tobacco products, including e-cigarettes  

I will surround myself with people who want the best for me 

1.2Million Total student population reached since our inception in 2004

"I strongly recommend the Safe and Sober program for all schools

as an excellent substance abuse prevention tool. It's super easy to navigate online and prep is very minimal as they provide all necessary materials, including discussion questions, guided notes, and activities." 

— Counselor, Lexington Middle School

"This is a program that catches the interest of students. 

They relate to the videos. The pledge cards have a variety of scenarios that every kid can find a statement to pledge."

— Counselor, Lawson Middle School

"As a counselor who goes to several different classrooms to present the program, it is so easy to pull it up on any computer. 

It is also nice that kids have the ability to do the pledge online."

— Counselor, Lafayette County, MO

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What does the Safe and Sober program include?

The comprehensive Safe and Sober program includes relevant educational videos with supplemental curriculum and activities to educate students on the risks, causes, consequences, and prevention of substance misuse. Our programs offer students a realistic, relevant, and timely perspective.  

How do I access the program?

To access the Middle and High School program:  

A username and password will be sent to your e-mail immediately upon registration  

You can use this username and password to log in to your account on 

Your account will include an online dashboard loaded with Safe and Sober program materials.  

Program components include the comprehensive program video, activity and discussion guides, and an online profile to encourage your students to pledge to make safe choices 

You can share these materials with your students at any point throughout the school year, virtually or in person.  

Do I have to re-register if I have previously used the Safe and Sober program?

Your Safe and Sober dashboard and account remain active without re-registration. We will send all users an email when the new program materials are posted. New materials are made available the last week in August, so they are ready for the new school year.

Can I still use the previous year's materials in my classroom?

Yes! You know what works for your students in your classroom! We provide new materials every year to support educators. We encourage you to use what speaks to your community.

Do my students have to take the pledge provided, and if so, what is the deadline?

We encourage students to take the pledge to be safe and sober, only if you and your district policies determine that is appropriate for your students. The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety does provide incentives to Missouri schools who have at least 80% pledge report. The deadline for reporting will be on the dashboard when you log in as well as directions on how to report.