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Safe and Sober is a nonprofit organization that delivers educational programs and content designed to empower young people to make safe choices. This includes all choices related to physical, mental, and emotional safety. 

Our resources cover topics such as underage drinking and substance use, nicotine use and vaping. We also address the root cause of unsafe choices such as stress, depression, fear and anxiety.

Safe and Sober video content features real youth and their families designed to show the importance of staying safe and sober. Positive peer pressure and support from trusted adults and teachers holds students accountable and creates a culture of change. 

Safe and Sober also provides parents with content to support their parenting efforts to keep their youth safe and sober.  

Safe And Sober

New Content. New Look. The same resource you trust.

Exciting things are happening at Safe and Sober! You may have been surprised to see an updated look and color scheme as you visit our website. We are so thrilled to share with you our new and modern brand. We have heard from both educators and students alike that it was time for a refresh. We listened!

After meeting with a panel of dedicated board members, trusted school contacts and engaged students we hope we have provided an updated brand that sparks excitement as you register for our NEW content and materials this year.

When schools were forced into remote learning in early 2020, Safe and Sober was able to immediately deliver virtual content. As a result, Safe and Sober grew to ten states and is now a national program. See our 2020-2021 schools below.

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The Need is Real

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Underage drinking is a serious issue. Watch firsthand to see how students describe their experiences with underage drinking. The Safe and Sober program is needed to help your students learn the dangers of teen alcohol use.

The Best Years of Your Life

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Safe and Sober creates new and engaging video content each year to ensure that students learn in the most effective way possible. This spoken word is a clip from our 2018-2019 video.

It's Not Worth It

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Each student video features stories from real families. These testimonials are used to encourage students to realize that underage drinking or drunk driving is never worth it.

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