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Safe and Sober is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that develops and distributes educational content designed to prevent substance misuse.


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The Bottom Line

Substance misuse is a problem. Safe and Sober delivers solutions.

Since 2005, our program has reached more than 1 million students around the country.  

We have created an extensive resource toolkit for students, parents, and educators. Our topics address substance misuse in all its forms, but also the complex issues that cause it.

How we do it


Our program helps prevent your students from becoming statistics. Our free resources include:

  • Videos, activities and discussion guides
  • Virtual or printed student pledge cards
  • Program signage downloads
  • Online program materials & resources
  • Age-appropriate, evidence-based materials
  • New videos & content every year
  • Incentive prizes for top-performing schools

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The Signature Safe and Sober Program
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Get involved with us to help prevent substance misuse in our schools and communities.  

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Check out our newest resources: 

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Prescriptions / Opioids

Teens are getting more than “Likes” from social media

The drug market might be following your teen home.

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Underage Drinking

Parents are Letting their Kids Drink Now More than Ever

Learn why parents have been easing up on alcohol rules, and the consequences they don't know they're bringing on.

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Vaping / Nicotine

Vaping: The Most Popular Gateway Activity

Vaping paves the pathway to other addictions for young nicotine users.

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Prescriptions / Opioids

The Danger Hiding in Your Cabinets

What harm can prescription drugs pose to teens?

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Underage Drinking

"We Turned Out Okay": That Doesn't Mean Your Kids Will

How a WWII study proves this parenting theory wrong

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Drug Use

The Consequences of Laughing Gas Aren't so Funny

Learn about nitrous oxide and its popularity with teens.

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Underage Drinking

What teens think they know about substances (and what they don’t)

Substance misuse is growing among teens. Learn some of the factors, and what you can do about them.

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Drug Use

Cannabis: More Accessible and More Dangerous

Learn about the dangers of the wide-spread drug, cannabis

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Impaired Driving

The impact of impaired driving: Why substances make for unsafe roads

Learn about the various types of impaired driving and the dangers they create.

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