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Safe and Sober is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that develops and distributes educational content designed to prevent substance misuse.


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The Bottom Line

Substance misuse is a problem. Safe and Sober delivers solutions.

Since 2005, our program has reached more than 1 million students around the country.  

We have created an extensive resource toolkit for students, parents, and educators. Our topics address substance misuse in all its forms, but also the complex issues that cause it.

How we do it


Our program helps prevent your students from becoming statistics. Our free resources include:

  • Videos, activities and discussion guides
  • Virtual or printed student pledge cards
  • Program signage downloads
  • Online program materials & resources
  • Age-appropriate, evidence-based materials
  • New videos & content every year
  • Incentive prizes for top-performing schools

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The Signature Safe and Sober Program
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Get involved with us to help prevent substance misuse in our schools and communities.  

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Check out our newest resources: 

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Underage Drinking

Think boys drink more? Think again.

Bro! For the first time ever, teenage girls now consume more alcohol than their male peers. Read why this flip of the alcohol gender gap has serious implications.

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Underage Drinking

TikTok shows alcohol use, but not consequences

Alcohol & Social Media

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Underage Drinking

When teens drink, they drink a lot

Why binge drinking is a prevalent issue among teens, and how you can prevent it

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Mental Health

Walking Through the Pandemic

Healthy Ways to Cope with a Changed World

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Mental Health

Helping Students Navigate the New Normal

Pandemic Disruptions Continue for Students and Families

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Prescriptions / Opioids

Stranger Than Fiction

America's opioid crisis: From TV shows to real-life tragedies

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Impaired Driving

Don't Throw it Away

The decision to drink and drive can impact your future and put lives in danger. Choose to say no.

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Drug Use

Choose to be Safe and Sober

For your family. For your friends. For your future. For you.

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Underage Drinking

Alcohol Explained

Watch this video to learn how alcohol reacts in the body

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pledges made by safe and sober students across the country

Safe and Sober Pledges save lives

During our 16 years of preventing substance misuse, we've reached hundreds of thousands of students in Missouri and far beyond.

These teens learned the dangers of underage drinking, impaired driving, illegal substances, opioid and prescription misuse, vaping, and more. Each student then had the opportunity to make a commitment to themselves, either by filling out a manual pledge card or taking the Safe and Sober pledge online. 

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