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Our High School Program

We empower older students to make smart decisions for the sake of their friends, their families, and themselves.

Are grades 9-12 the very best years of life? Maybe, maybe not. However, choices made by teens during that time can permanently impact their future and the lives of those around them. 


But teens are a challenging audience to connect with. So we enlist student advisors to help create compelling content that resonates with other teens. Year after year, our video stories feature powerful examples of people affected by alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription misuse. 


Our FREE program kits also include classroom activities to put their knowledge into practice. Afterward, we reinforce their accountability with the Safe and Sober Pledge. Whether public or private, on paper or online, this tangible action step can spread a positive influence to friends, peers, and even adults.  


Our High School program materials can be accessed online, downloaded, or mailed directly to your school. Click below to register and bring the benefits of Safe and Sober to your students. 

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