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Our Middle School Program

Good decision-making doesn't come naturally. Our program helps build those skills for the middle years and beyond.


Each kid is different, and one size definitely does NOT fit all. That's why our videos and curriculum for middle-schoolers offer an approach as unique as they are. From brain science to social consequences and peer pressure, we present substance misuse information in a way that engages their developing minds to make a lasting impression. 


With 15 years of experience in youth prevention, our team includes educators, health experts, and addiction specialists. Each year we design fresh program videos that present relevant facts on alcohol, illegal substances, and prescription drug misuse. All our content is supported by physical, behavioral, and social science, and aligns with national curriculum standards.  


Participating schools can be public or private, secular or religious, in a home-based or after-school program setting. Safe and Sober content is available to any middle school or community organization that serves students in grades 6 through 8. Register below to download, stream online, or receive our program kit in the mail.   

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