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You're there for them. We're here for you.

Our FREE program for students grades 6-12 includes:

  • Videos, activities, and discussion guides
  • Virtual or printed student pledge cards
  • Program signage downloads
  • Online program materials & resources
  • Age-appropriate, evidence-based materials
  • New videos & content every year
  • Incentive prizes for top-performing schools

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The Signature Safe and Sober Program
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Since 2005, we've provided our free program to hundreds of middle and high schools across the country. 

With compelling videos and relevant messaging, Safe and Sober is a go-to resource for any educator. We're a great fit for urban schools, rural districts, faith-based institutions, homeschool co-ops, and community organizations serving at-risk youth. 

Our topic resources s are developed with the input of educators, administrators, parents, and students. 

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Underage Drinking

Alcohol Explained

Watch this video to learn how alcohol reacts in the body

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Impaired Driving

Toni Anderson's Story

The story of one young life cut short by a dangerous decision and tragic circumstances.

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Underage Drinking

Think boys drink more? Think again.

Bro! For the first time ever, teenage girls now consume more alcohol than their male peers. Read why this flip of the alcohol gender gap has serious implications.

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Underage Drinking

TikTok shows alcohol use, but not consequences

Alcohol & Social Media

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Underage Drinking

When teens drink, they drink a lot

Why binge drinking is a prevalent issue among teens, and how you can prevent it

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Mental Health

Walking Through the Pandemic

Healthy Ways to Cope with a Changed World

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Mental Health

Helping Students Navigate the New Normal

Pandemic Disruptions Continue for Students and Families

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Prescriptions / Opioids

Stranger Than Fiction

America's opioid crisis: From TV shows to real-life tragedies

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Impaired Driving

Don't Throw it Away

The decision to drink and drive can impact your future and put lives in danger. Choose to say no.

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"Safe & Sober videos and accompanying activities are an impactful and relevant part of my drug and alcohol education program. 

I supplement my drug/alcohol education curriculum with the Safe & Sober videos along with the corresponding worksheets/quizzes. At the end of the unit, the students sign the online pledge cards."

— Middle School Educator - Festus, MO

"It’s a super easy tool that is ready without much prep work. 

Students stay engaged and love all the items that come with the program such as pledge cards, pledge tracking poster, and stickers, which makes it fun also."

— School Counselor - Roscoe, Missouri

"This is a program that catches the interest of students.

They relate to the videos. The pledge cards have a variety of scenarios that every kid can find a statement to pledge."

— Counselor - Lawson Middle School

We want YOU and your school to be part of the Safe and Sober movement. It's about breaking tradition, empowering teens, and building a brighter future for our students and our society.

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