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We want the Safe and Sober experience to be easy and rewarding for you and your students. If you're having issues, please check for answers below or reach out to us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Safe and Sober program include?

The comprehensive Safe and Sober program includes relevant educational videos with supplemental curriculum and activities to educate students on the risks, causes, consequences, and prevention of substance misuse. Our programs offer students a realistic, relevant, and timely perspective.  

How do I register for the program?

Click here, and you will be prompted to enter your school information to register for free.

I have used Safe and Sober in the past. Do I have to re-register every year?

Once you have created a school account and login, you do not have to create a new account each year. You can log in with your existing account and re-register for the new school year's program in your dashboard. 

Where do I find the program dates?

Important dates are displayed on your Dashboard Home. To view all dates for the program, go to Program Dates.

What is the purpose of a school profile page?

Your school's profile page gives you the opportunity to share Safe and Sober's success at your school. Your students will use this page to make their pledges and the pledge tracker will update in real time.

Why can't middle school students have a profile photo on their student account?

One change for the 2021-22 year is that Middle School students may not post any personal information as part of the pledge process. This includes names, photos, or other contact information. While this reduces the accountability factor of pledges, it was a necessary change made to comply with national privacy guidelines that protect students aged 12 and younger.

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