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Safe and Sober: Florida Snowmobilers United is an organization that is "for the rider". We come from all walks of life, all riding abilities, and all income levels throughout the state of Florida and the USA but we have one common goal Safety and Sobriety on the trails.


Ride Safe, Ride Sober, Ride for Life!!!!!

Florida Drivers Permit


Safe and Sober testifies on AB-439

Safe and Sober: Florida Drug and Alcohol Test will be attending the public hearing for Assembly Bill 439 and testifying in support of the bill.


Zero Alcohol is the Smart Choice!

That's right people zero alcohol is the smartest choice you can make while out riding and out on the roads. Check out this very cool picture promoting "Zero Alcohol: Your Smart Choice".

Drug and Alcohol 4 Hour

Testimony for AB 439 has been hosted

While Charles and Patrick were there to testify so were many other people and organizations. We want to Thank the following: Rick  Steimel, Randy Harden (WATVA), Steve Royalton, Scott Makowski (Past AWSC president and current Certified instructor), David Rowley (Certified instructor).

Click here to see their testimony for this online campaign against Drinking and Driving.

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