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Safe and Sober is dedicated to empowering young people to make safe choices.

According to the CDC, fewer teens are drinking now than ever before. In fact, teen drinking has decreased from 55.7% to 34.5% from 1995 to 2015.

Unfortunately, we still have a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, youth are facing more and more challenges.

Join with us to change the culture of underage drinking and substance abuse by sharing your story. Through incredibly effective school-based prevention programs, we provide a platform for stories like yours that will reach and educate hundreds of thousands of teens and parents each year.

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Real Stories

Safe and Sober creates high quality video content featuring real teens and families. We professionally produce compelling new videos every year for each of our school-based drug prevention programs. Watch the videos below to see a few examples of the powerful content we offer at no cost to students.

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It's All About Choices

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Why Take the Chance?

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One Mistake can Change your Life

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Tell us Your Story

Safe and Sober is always looking for new and powerful stories to tell. Has your life or someone you know been impacted because of impaired driving, underage drinking or drug use?

If you're ready and willing to share your story, please tell us about it here. Your story could be featured in our video-based program designed to empower young people to make safe choices.

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We have found that the materials and the presentation are well done and well received by a teenage audience. All teens have heard about the dangers of drinking and driving, but this presentation seems to make the issue much more relevant with our students. Presenting information from the state of Missouri makes it more 'real' to our students. — Meredith Marsh, St. Paul Lutheran High School

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