Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safe and Sober?

Safe and Sober is a nonprofit organization based in Springfield, Missouri. The mission of Safe and Sober is to deliver outcome-based educational programs designed to empower young people to make safe choices. 

What do Safe and Sober programs include?

Safe and Sober’s programs include relevant educational videos with supplemental curriculum and activities to educate students on the risks of substance use and impaired driving. Our programs each offer students a realistic perspective to the tragic effects that come in the wake of substance abuse. 

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Who can use the programs Safe and Sober has to offer?

Anyone, anywhere can register to receive our programming to educate youth on the dangers of substance use and impaired driving.

What does it cost?

NOTHING! Thanks to support from generous sponsors and a Missouri Department of Transportation grant, the programs Safe and Sober offers are free to all who register for it.

How can Safe and Sober help me as an educator?

The programs offered by Safe and Sober are tailor-made to readily address the dangers and effects of major social issues in our communities today. Our dashboard allows our school contacts to easily build a lesson plan using our video, curriculum and supplemental activities.

How do I access Safe and Sober program materials?

Our programs are available completely online.

 To access the Middle and High School programs: 

  • A username and password will be sent to your e-mail immediately upon registration

  • Your account will include an online dashboard loaded with Safe and Sober program materials
  • Program components include the comprehensive 2019-2020 program video, activity and discussion guides, and an online profile to encourage your students to take a pledge to make safe choices.
  • You can share these materials with your students at any point throughout the school year, virtually or in person.

To access the Opioid Module: 

  • You will be directed to view the opioid drug module landing page immediately after you have completed the online registration form.  

Can I navigate the Safe and Sober program through distance education?

Since our programs are available completely online, schools have the ability to share the Safe and Sober program virtually with their students. Our dashboard allows our school contacts to easily build a lesson plan using our video, curriculum and supplemental activities. This lesson can be readily shared out to students to view in their own time as they learn from home.

How does Safe and Sober create curriculum for its 

Safe and Sober’s curriculum was originally created by teachers for teachers. Safe and Sober works to update our materials yearly, with the help of constant feedback from educators on the front lines utilizing our program. Furthermore, Safe and Sober is constantly researching new ways to present information to youth in a way that is engaging and relational.

Does the Safe and Sober program work?

Safe and Sober conducted an evaluation study with four Missouri high schools in the fall of 2018. Our goal was to examine the effectiveness of the education presented in our 2018-2019 video. We found two key pieces of information:

  1. Students are learning from our program. The majority of students' knowledge of underage drinking and drunk driving immediately increased after watching our video. Overall, there was a 30% increase from students' scores on pre- and post-surveys. 
  2. Students were also able to recall and answer questions correctly from our video on a test that was given to them 30 days after they participated in the Safe and Sober program.

Will Safe and Sober be adding any programs in the near future?

Safe and Sober will be launching an educational module on the effects and dangers of vaping in the fall of 2020.

What kind of support do you offer people who use the program?

Safe and Sober is available to answer any questions that may arise as you navigate the program. Staff can offer insight to successful program implementation based off feedback from past and present program participants. 

Where can I find out more information?

More information can be found on our website our social channels, @safeandsoberorg.

Tell Us Your Story

Safe and Sober is always looking for new and powerful stories to tell. Has your life or someone you know been impacted because of impaired driving, underage drinking or drug use? Your story could be featured in our video-based program designed to empower young people to make safe choices.

Our Sponsors

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