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Underage Drinking 






Big problems require smart solutions

Though long seen as a right of passage, underage drinking can have major negative impacts on young lives. From poor decisions to dangerous situations, alcohol usage has side-effects many teens may not recognize.

We began as an alcohol prevention effort, and curbing underage drinking remains the cornerstone of our programs. Check out our extensive resources below for more on addressing the issue of alcohol use with the teens. 

More Underage Drinking Resources

Underage Drinking

What teens think they know about substances (and what they don’t)

Substance misuse is growing among teens. Learn some of the factors, and what you can do about them.

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Underage Drinking

Parents are Letting their Kids Drink Now More than Ever

Learn why parents have been easing up on alcohol rules, and the consequences they don't know they're bringing on.

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Impaired Driving

The impact of impaired driving: Why substances make for unsafe roads

Learn about the various types of impaired driving and the dangers they create.

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Drug Use

Changing the terms of addiction medicine: What you say counts

Read about the ways language around addiction is changing.

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Underage Drinking

How to spot the signs of teen substance misuse

All teens are at risk of falling into substance misuse. Learn how to spot the signs and what to do about them.

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Underage Drinking

Be Careful Out There, Teens!

A look at how alcohol affects the developing brains of teenagers.

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