Real Stories 

Safe and Sober creates high quality video content featuring real teens and families. We professionally produce compelling new videos every year for each of our programs. Watch the videos below to see a few examples of the powerful content we offer at no cost to students .

It's All About Choices

Watch Bailey's Story

Why Take the Chance?

Watch Marlana's Story

One Mistake can Change Your Life

Watch Steven's Story

Chasing the Void

Watch Hayden's Story

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Watch Gavin's Story

The Elephant in the Room

Watch Jessica's Story

Getting Caught is not the Worst Thing that Can Happen

Watch Krystal's Story

It's Not Worth It

Watch Austin's Story

Life Changes in an Instant

Watch Vonnie's Story

Tell Us Your Story

Safe and Sober is always looking for new and powerful stories to tell. Has your life or someone you know been impacted because of impaired driving, underage drinking or drug use? Your story could be featured in our video-based program designed to empower young people to make safe choices.

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